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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New book-e-Leaks found here!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Book-E-Leaks is here! Leak info. about YOUR books here!

To get started here I will go first since I have bragging rights here just as you do.  I will post a great line from Titanic 2012....and you do your best to add a great line from YOUR book so that readers will have a BookEleak to go may also want to leak such lines on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere with a link to Book-E-leaks.

FROM TITANIC 2012 *around page 200:

          “Constable Reahall thinks you a menace, eh?” asked Thomas.
          “I fear, he thinks me some sort of problem, yes.”
          “What sort of problem?”
          “He has me confused with some…some murderer.”
          “Murderer?” gasped Thomas, shaken by the word.
          “Damn fool copper has me confused with someone else, I fear. Irritating is what it amounts to.”
          “But a murderer?” Declan’s repeating of the word hung in the air, and now both young interns cautiously eyed Ransom. “Of course, Constable Reahall’s dead wrong about Mr. Wyland, Thomas,” insisted Declan, who then spoke to Ransom. “I’ve come to respect you, Mr. Wyland. So now, sir, will you help us or not?”
          “Help you do precisely what?”
          “Why break into the morgue,” Thomas replied.
          “At Mater Infirmorum? Are you mad?”
          “It’s off from the hospital, a separate surgery and morgue for us university students.”
          “Separate you say?”
          “On the grounds but yes, separate from the main hospital.”
          “And there is where the bodies lie in state?”
          “If you can call it that—yes,” Declan added with a shrug. “We can take you straight to the corpses.”
Excerpt from Miranda Phillips Walker's Absolution *AROUND PG. 200 @ 

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