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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Book-E-Leaks is here! Leak info. about YOUR books here!

This is just the kind of blog all writers and readers need - a place where writers are encouraged to speak freely and openly about their favorite titles created by THEM without being attacked but rather appreciated for appreciating their own works and favorite lines and ideas and methods used as well as news of new book launches, signings, sales strategies that worked or failed --- anything leaking from your book from inception to completion and publication....whether an ebook or a paper book.  Post your news and great feelings of completion and closure right here at Book-E-Leaks. Share great blurbs, quotes, snippets from reviews here as well. All without fear of being attacked or having your book called SPAM. Don't know about you, but my life's work is not SPAM.

To get started here I will go first since I have bragging rights here just as you do.  I will post a great line from Titanic 2012....and you do your best to add a great line from YOUR book so that readers will have a BookEleak to go may also want to leak such lines on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere with a link to Book-E-leaks.


       O’Toole poked at the brittle creature in the wall with his pipe only to knock away an entire tooth the size of his finger.  He lifted the tooth, pocketed it, and said, “Something to tell my grandchildren about!”

I intend to leak a line or two from each chapter in the novel as  the days go by. In the comments section here, I hope you, too will leak a line or two from your book(s).

Here is a line leaked by me that comes  from ABSOLUTION by Miranda Phillips Walker- a compelling, fast-paced novel with a female FBI lead:
This effectively ended her conversation with Joe Massey.  He rushed back toward the old well and the body, she staring after, wanting to apologize but too late.  In the confusion of strobe lights and shadows, she thought the grimy little stone well squatted like a grimacing ogre just winking at her in the crazy way of illusion via fatigue and wind and shadows of night.  ABSOLUTION found @


  1. Great idea, Rob. Now I'll have to figure out what to leak from Killer Career.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Here's a leak from Chapter 1, Page 5 of Killer Career:

    "I am the villain. I completely lose myself. The animal inside of me rules. I get away with anything and everything."

    Killer Career by Morgan Mandel, now on Kindle and Smashwords for 99 cents.

  3. What a compelling leak, Morgan - that sounds like one sexy villain! I dig this idea, Rob. Thanks for inviting fellow-authors to play along. Here's a leak from pg. 20 of my memoir, ”They Only Eat Their Husbands” :

    "I didn’t come to Alaska to find a man. But there were just so many of them, it was hard to avoid tripping over a few."

    "They Only Eat Their Husbands" is available on Amazon, IndieBound, & Barnes&Noble.

  4. Cara, that is a fun leak. Great humor.

    Morgan Mandel

  5. Hey Morgan, great quote from a book I read and enjoyed to the fullest. Why not next time use my blurb I sent you? On HERE? Come back often.
    And CARA - I love your first line! Greatly intriguing. By the way, while the idea of Book-leaks was mine, I was just thinking Facebook, Twitter notices, etc., Miranda stopped me cold with the idea of making it a blog/forum. So thanks really belong to Miranda, my dear wife and author of Absolution. Hoping someone will REVEIW this book as in my biased and humble opinion hers is a real winner of a thriller!


  6. Anyone else disturbed by the fact publishers going out of business? I feel badly for the authors as in the news of Leisure books, the longest running Independent publisher going totally ebooks now. Is it a sign of the times? Some agents are now publishers - pubbing thier clients' works as ebooks. Is this a good trend and a happy one for writers? There are some advantages to being your own Indie publisher with NO publisher and NO agent for some of us, certainly not all but some. For me it has revived my career and opened my dead books up to a whole new generation.

  7. - Thanks, Morgan! I take that as high praise coming from you.
    - Rob, the line I posted here isn't my opening line. I'll post that another time. Or perhaps you already peeked elsewhere?
    - And hey, kudos to Miranda... what a clever, clever idea.

    I'm glad I've ended up with a small press, because I feel that I get more personal attention from someone who truly cares more about the work than the marketing. But as it is, I have to do so much on my own that it can be overwhelming, so I wouldn't be too thrilled to go totally solo. It seems there are plenty of new obstacles and new opportunities out there these days, no matter which way you go.

    I don't allow myself to get too disturbed about things I can't control, but just keep plugging away at whatever seems likely to get my words out there. Writing is a passion, and I just can't stop.

  8. Independent REVIEWS for Miranda's ABSOLUTION & One from James Bond!! so to speak:

    "In her debut FBI procedural novel, Miranda Phillips Walker exhibits confidence, talent, and credibility. Megan McKenna is an appealing heroine who is sure to be around for a long time. A very entertaining read!"
    --Raymond Benson, author of JAMES BOND--THE UNION TRILOGY

    "Freaking Genius -- I loved it!" JA Konrath, author Whiskey Sour, Afraid, & more

    "Pack up your cozies and lock grandma in the closet, Absolution is a CHARACTER-driven mystery with enough hard-boiled bite to give Jim Thompson the jim-jams. Fist-time novelist and veteran ER nurse, Miranda Phillips Walker, brings both the verisimilitude and the viscera to this riveting chiller. Following world-weary FBI Agent Megan McKenna on a greased skid into the heart of darkness, otherwise known as Baltimore, ABSOLUTION tells the story of McKenna’s terrifying race through the broken foster care system to catch a hair-raising – and ultimately heart-breaking – monster of a maniac. Readers will not soon forget Absolution, and they sure as hell better remember the name Miranda Phillips Walker. An absolutely breathtaking debut!”
    -- Jay Bonansinga, National Bestselling Author of PERFECT VICTIM, THE SINKING OF THE EASTLAND, and THE KILLER’S GAME

    “I was captured immediately by Chapter One, actually I was captured by the first sentence of the very first chapter. As I read on, I realized that I was in good hands, the hands of a writer whose skills never intruded on the page. That’s masterful. Many writers never achieve that. If I didn’t know you, and didn’t know that this is your first book, I would have attributed this work to someone with many years of successful writing accomplishment. You’ve made Megan McKenna someone that I care about, your settings, location, relationships, internal and external conflicts are all credible. And your dialogue is smooth and believable."
    -- Pat Mullan author Circle of Sodam & Blood Red Square

  9. Rob and Miranda,

    Congratulations on this great new blog!And Miranda, double congratulations on your great reviews!

    I'll post some stuff as soon as I can get it together, and THANK YOU for the opportunity.

    Pat Browning
    Author of ABSINTHE OF MALICE, a study in small town secrets
    Now on Kindle and Nook, $2.99

  10. Wonderful idea Rob and Miranda! I look forward to visiting often. My co-author and I have just started an e-book only series - The Brianna Sullivan Mysteries.

    Here's a line from the first book: I Try Not to Drive Past Cemeteries - "Everyone talks about ghosts from their past-sometimes those ghosts are just metaphors, sometimes they're got teeth."

    Evelyn David

  11. Here's a review of my book from Tim Hallinan that had me walking on air. He posted it to DorothyL and also posted it on Amazon, which doubled the impact.

    Pat Browning's "Absinthe of Malice" (a great title that's even better after
    you've read the book) has all the classic elements: small town, corrupt
    power structure, old bones coming to the surface, old secrets buried
    generations deep, murder most foul, and a cracking good mystery at the heart
    of it. But it's also contemporary, thanks to the very modern amateur sleuth,
    Penny Mackenzie, whom we follow through the story.

    Penny is a woman who thinks she may just have missed her life, and who suddenly sees a second
    chance -- and, at the same time, comes face to face with a friend's coldly plotted murder. I'm not usually a big fan of amateur sleuths, but I'll make an exception any day for Penny Mackenzie -- Browning has created a wonderful
    character whom I hope to see again in a sequel. A great read.(End Quote)

    Tim Hallinan is the author of the wildly popular Poke Rafferty crime novels, and has just put two new series on Kindle -- his Simeon Grist series about a world-weary PI, and his Junior Bender series about a burglar who is a crook's crook. Great reads!

  12. Beth Hoffman, NY Times best selling author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt reviewed my soon to be released book Wee Three: A Mother's Love in Verse. I have included her review below.

    Marta Moran Bishop is stunningly talented. This wonderful book is not only charming, but it holds a bit of magic on each page ... the kind of magic of days gone by. The beautifully rendered prose urges us to remember, to close our eyes and revisit slower days, childhood days, when there were no cell phones or computers to distract us from seeing the wonders in nature and the world of make-believe

  13. WOW - man these are some SOME S O M E great reviews, everyone. Marta, so proud of you! This is such a terrific review.

    Evelyn - great line...just fict the they're for They've - do not want you to place it elsewhere with the Gremlin's having gotten in to foul up an otherwise great, great line.

    In my Titanic 2012 in a scene in 1912 I suddenly have some character talking about using Google - I had spliced in some research gotten off an email and it got left on somehow!! Just got rid of it but meant having to go back into the doc AFTER it was up on Kindle....feeling much better now...

  14. Pat - sweetheart - you know I love Absincth of Malice. Great review. I'd read it earlier. So glad you shared it with all of us here. And thanks for the well wishes for Miranda, myself, and the new forum/blog here. Tim THE MAN Hallinan! again congrats! I knew it all along however....

  15. Rob, I love this idea!

    My Book-E Leak is that I am still in shock over the mention I got in the Publisher's Weekly review of our anthology...

    "Hungry for Your Love 
Edited by Lori Perkins, St. Martin's Griffin, $14.99 paper (384p) ISBN 978-0-312-65079-7 
Perkins (Cowboy Lover) collects 21 zombie romance stories full of humor, horror, and love. Jaime Saare's "I Heart Brains" has an SF twist: a man infected with "the z-virus" shopping in a megamart for a gently used replacement body. In Jan Kozlowski's powerful "First Love Never Dies," a police detective learns of an undead sex slave operation run by his ex's abusive father..."

    And yes, as a writer just getting into the horror field, I am bummed by what's happened at Leisure. But, as someone who ran my own freelance writing shop for years, I'm also excited by this probable new world publishing order that allows me to approach fiction writing from a small business angle and gives me the opportunity for greater control over my work and even to profit more fairly from it.

  16. "Art Hansl's book, FLASHBACKS, is a delightful, sexy, humorous romp through his life and specifically the world of B films in '60's Italy,
    Mexico and beyond.."
    Author of Name-Dropping,Matador and so many others.
    My books have usually been of the suspense/mystery variety, but I thought I'd take a shot at a memoir while I still had a memory.

  17. I am sooo excited about this site. Thanks, Rob Walker. Count on hearing from me in the next couple of days...and hearing, and hearing, and hea...
    Mike Pettit, Author of the John Locke Suspense Thriller Series.

  18. Thanks Rob for the edit. But that's just a typo especially for your blog! Grin.

    Evelyn David

  19. Can't leak anything myself (yet), but just wanted to say what a wonderful idea, and I certainly enjoyed reading all your Leaks!

  20. Here's one from my crime novel TESTAROSSA, published by Krill Press in May 2010:

    A head was perched crookedly on a post where a silver mailbox should have been, eyes following me, mouth curled into a mocking smile. The mouth moved but no sound came out. I stopped, rolled down my window and leaned out. The sun was going down and it was cold. Leaves rustled and fell from trees, twirling into neat, orderly piles as they reached the ground. This made perfect sense to me.

    I listened. Lips moved, forming the words I still could not hear.

    What now, Johnny. What now?

    I awoke in a cold sweat, breathless. In that brief moment between nightmare and reality I knew that I would become a cop and that the decision had been cemented the moment he had taken his last breath.

    The head belonged to my father.

    Julie Dolcemaschio

  21. Leaking lines -- from the first chapter of my work in progress --

    Central California, 2006
    I must be nuts.
    I'm standing in the mud of a Chinese cemetery abandoned before I was born. Nobody gave it a second thought until Angela Wu decided to clean it up for a tourist attraction.
    Last night some idiot rampaged through, knocking over headstones, scattering trash. What kind of idiot does such a thing?
    What kind of idiot shows up to report it, in fog thick enough to walk on, wet enough to shrivel bones?
    I'm Penny Mackenzie, pushing fifty, unmarried, lifestyle editor of The Pearl Outrider, and this is not the Christmas story I had in mind.

  22. Some terrific openings and reviews here. If I were to HAVE to judge Best of show here, I'd have a real problem, seriously. Youse guys are good...very good.

  23. Hey all - I just corrected a setting error and now one can post ANONYMOUSLY, so no excuses now! Do love to hear from you!

  24. If you like romance, here's a little bit from my book The Back-Up.

    Daniel cleared his throat and she turned around. Shocked, she froze when she saw him standing in her doorway. She bit down on her lower lip, smiled, closed the refrigerator door and ran to him, nearly knocking him backward. He grabbed her and held on for dear life.
    When he released her she asked, “Why didn’t you call me? Why?” as she beat his chest with her fist, “Why?”
    “Because I wanted to see you face-to-face to give you my answer,” he said solemnly.
    “I just listened to your voice cue, I know your answer” she smiled.
    “Oh, that” he said, sheepishly, looking to the floor. “Honey, that was from a few weeks ago. I just haven’t changed it yet.”
    Backing away from him slowly, she asked “A… few weeks ago? You’ve… changed your mind?”
    He didn’t say anything, just stared at the floor.
    “Dan?” she reluctantly asked, “Have you… changed your mind?”
    “What would you say if… I have?”
    Narrowing her eyes; she pressed her lips together to moisten them, looked to the ceiling and swallowed hard, “I don’t have time for this. I’m late. I need to know your answer so I can make plans.”
    “You’re late? Late for what?” he asked with contempt. “You have a date lined up with the next person on your list, in case… in case I didn’t call you back?”
    Cocking her head to one side, she said, “No Daniel, I don’t have a date lined up. I’m… late… Dan.”
    “You’re late? I’m sorry Jess, but I don’t follow.”
    “Say it out loud at few times, I’m sure you’ll get it,” she said sarcastically.
    “You’re late. You’re… late?” then his eyes exploded and his face paled “Oh my God, you’re late, as in… the rabbit died, kind of late?”
    “Yeah, so you can see why I need to know your answer” as she wiped a tear that rolled down her cheek.
    “Jess…” he said beginning to hyperventilate, “How long… have you… been late?”
    “Does it matter? Just give me your answer, and don’t change it. I couldn’t live knowing that this influenced you in any way” she said, turning her back to him.

  25. Here's a leak from my upcoming Eurotrash novel, The Dreadful Doctor Faust, from Bandersnatch Books:

    “I found you,” answered the voice, with a touch of annoyance, “by the river. Washed up. I remade you. You belong to me. It’s only fair, don’t you agree?”

    Read the whole leak here:

    You can order the book here as well as a new T. M. Wright novella:

    Thank you!

  26. Thought I'd leak my favorite book review of my latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, Invisible Path.

    While the lead character, Deputy Tempe Crabtree, is a police officer, there is little of the dry, technical procedural in Invisible Path. Likewise, it's not a traditional mystery, inviting the reader to join the detective in piecing together clues in leaps of logic and insight. Instead, The Invisible Path reads like a cozy. The detective is not the lead investigator and she uses unorthodox methods to unravel a neat little mystery that is more rich in social drama than in inductive interpretation of clues.

    It's this sense of social drama that most strongly characterizes Marilyn Meredith's book. The dramatic tension in the story is that between reservation Indians and outsiders, whether they're white or Indian; and between militia fanatics and people from outside their area, and outside their white culture. Nestled inside that tense tapestry, is the murder mystery of a young Indiana man out to make a name and a fortune -- a murder that everyone seems to want pinned on Jesus Running Bear, even without any clear evidence against him.

    What makes the writing special the way in which Marilyn Meredith handles the characters. This is no literary novel; her touch is light and gentle. And, yet, there is a simple honesty in the way characters are portrayed without judgment of framing preconceptions that is almost shockingly matter-of-fact. In one breath, we have characters spouting racist remarks, and that's just the way they are. In the next, we have Indians following their traditional beliefs, and that's just they way they are. In the next, we have Deputy Crabtree's husband, a Christian pastor, praying for her, and that's just the way he is. The characters in Invisible Path may not have their psychological scars revealed and explored, but they are allowed to be themselves with no pretense and no restraint. That's what I found remarkable about this entertaining novel.

    I was lucky enough to receive a promotional copy of the book for review, though I assure you my words are my own and I received no pressure to deliver any particular message about the book or even to give it a thumbs-up (though I do!). You can buy your own copy on or on the author's website, where it is available in print copy, eBook, or Kindle formats.

    C.N. Nevets.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Rob, great idea.

  27. Had to come by and see what you were up to. I've just published my collection of short stories to augment my men's adventure, my historical novel and my fist and last techno horror. Here's my Website, I don't mean to steal your visitors but they can come back. All are welcome.

  28. Leaking advanced praise for my soon-to-be-released MURDER MANHATTAN STYLE

    In this collection, Warren Bull takes his readers across the American landscape with stories of justice and injustice, truth and speculation; and humor and noir. The Manhattan in the title sometimes refers to the suave part of New York and sometimes to its prairie twin in Kansas. The stories are equally diverse. Bull writes tales of children outwitting their elders in the name of what’s right in turbulent Bleeding Kansas; of card sharks, clever dames and tough guys out on the town in the flush days of post-World War II; of an anguished husband and another furious father thwarted while seeking revenge; and a crime writer who really can’t handle rejection. Bull proposes intriguing questions—What if the ghost of Hamlet’s father wasn’t an apparition after all?—and moral ones—At what point is personal danger more tolerable than the loss of human dignity? Warren Bull is a thoughtful, gifted writer who blends history, language, pathos and a fine wit to tell terrific stories.
    Ramona DeFelice Long, author and independent author

    by Warren Bull

    A collage of well-written stories as different as their settings, ranging from the Manhattan in Kansas to the town of the same name in New York with whistle stops along the way. Characters as diverse as a young brother and sister encountering crime and prejudice in 1850’s Middle America, tough-talking gumshoes of the 1930’s and 40’s Big Apple, to some who practice crime in the present day. Even a delightful homage visit with guys and dolls in Damon Runyon mode, those lovable characters who begin each day with the racing form and end it with whatever scheme looks profitable.

    Wherever and whenever these well-drawn characters play out their stories, there’s more to savor than what they do and say. Underlying each engaging tale is a glimpse of what’s going on in their minds and how they mentally process what’s going on around them. It takes a practicing psychologist to relate that element so sharply and, fortunately for readers of these stories, that’s precisely what Warren Bull happens to be when he’s not writing fiction.

    Highly recommended morsels for when you want to spice up your reading diet with variety.

    Earl Staggs, Derringer Award winning author and author of MEMORY OF A MURDER

    "Witty, charming, and clever, Warren Bull’s stories capture perfectly the plains of Manhattan, Kansas, the mean streets of Manhattan, New York, and everything in between. His characters sparkle with humor and smarts."

    Lisa Harkrader, author of NOCTURNE, a YA fantasy
    William Allen White Award winner for AIRBALL: MY LIFE IN BRIEFS

    Warren Bull is a short story master, and this collection shows him at his best with quick stories told in crisp, clear prose. There's variety, drama, history, humor, pathos, compassion, and even Shakespeare here, along with surprising and satisfying endings to every story.

    from Nancy Pickard, New York Times Bestselling Author

  29. Warren - great to see you here. I love Damon Runyon type tales. I held a Damon Runyon "Trivia" contest at Manhattan, KS. annual get together...Conclave or was it Enclave....I think Conclave. At any rate met Nancy Pickard there too. Great place for writers, Runyon's birthplace, Manhattan, KS.


  30. Well Here I am Taking peek and this is impressive. Well Done and all the very best with your Books.
    Scriptwrites and Authors

  31. Jan - can you tell us more about Scriptwriters & Authors? Your business?


  32. And this is how Invisible Path begins:

    “Jesus, I need to talk to you.”
    My grandma was the only one who could get away with pronouncing my name like Jesus in the Bible. My friends say it like “Hay-soos.” Grandma didn’t like it when she heard someone say my name like that. She usually corrected whoever it was by saying, “My grandson is not Mexican, he is Indian. His name is Jesus Running Bear.”
    I don’t know what inspired my mother to give me such a name, and she wasn’t around to ask.
    Grandma fixed her small dark eyes on me. When she smiled her eyes became crescent moons. She wasn’t smiling now. Whatever it was she wanted to say, it had to be important.

  33. Great post, Marilyn, but your writing always dazzles me!


  34. Great blog idea, Rob! I'm leaking from my short Christmas mystery, Christmas at the North Pole Compound, now on Kindle (and on the free Kindle for pc if you don't have a Kindle.)

    There's a crime spree at the North Pole - can Chief elf Investigator Finius Flaherty solve the crime and save Christmas?

    Chris Verstraete
    ...Before I continue, let me introduce myself. I'm Finius Flaherty, Chief Elf Investigator. No, I don't bake cookies. I leave that to the West coast cousins.

    My branch of the family was hand-picked by the big guy for his security team at the North Pole. Big responsibility, though I'd prefer to sit on a beach in Florida.

    Not that I don't enjoy my job. I do; but unfortunately, our services have been needed more in recent years. Christmas spirit doesn't prevent crime, you know. We've been feeling that lack of spirit lately ourselves, too. Just ask Rudolph. This is a real hazard as even the smallest drop in Christmas cheer influences his ability to pull the sleigh. Can't have it dragging now, can we?

  35. Final Cut
    by Billie Sue Mosiman

    Show business publicist Karl LaRosa enjoys his lifestyle that includes many young women to make love with in his Malibu home. However, his perfect life starts to break down when someone tries to run his Jaguar off the road and vandalizes his house and office. Attempts to kill him follow. Karl assumes an ex-girlfriend seeks revenge for some unknown slight, but has no idea whom or why.

    Unbeknownst to Karl is that the events in his life follow the script of the filming Pure and Uncut, a movie being directed by Academy Award winning Cambridge Hill. No one involved in the making of the movie breaks the confidence by informing Karl what is happening as everyone is under contract. Karl needs to uncover the truth soon because his unknown assailant is becoming bolder and more dangerous.

    The narration alternates between Karl, the culprit, and several of those working on Pure and Uncut. This enables the audience to fully appreciate the strength of the characters, but especially the lead protagonist. The suspense increases as Karl struggles with solving who wants to destroy him even as his anonymous opponent raises the pressure on him. The deep look into Hollywood filmmaking is insightful and entertaining in its own right, but also slows down the pace of a thrilling stalker plot. Billie Sue Mosiman provides her audience with a strong suspense thriller that will keep the audience reading until the FINAL CUT.

    Billie Sue Mosiman

    Thanks to her crazy ex-husband, her life and her family have crumbled. Now she's a changed woman. Men can't hurt her any more – not if she hurts them first…

    She's damaged, but she's determined to prevent the same fate for other women.

    The seedy underworld of Houston's late-night strip clubs has become the hunting ground for a murderer with bizarre tastes. Men are being dumped in the bay. They float ashore and on to the case-load of Houston detective Mitchell Samson. Samson is good, but even he can't figure out why some of the area's most sickening bad guys are turning u naked and dead of massive internal bleeding. Murder by rat poison might be appropriate for these victims, but it's hardly a conventional weapon.

    Praise for Damaged:

    "A unique knife-edged page-turner, as dark as the alleys of the Houston demi-monde in which the moral twists of its inventive plot play out. Don't miss this one."

    F. Paul Wilson, author of SIBS and THE SELECT.

    ‎"Taut, riveting...The tension is pulled as a noose around the reader's neck."

    Robert W. Walker, author of PRIMAL INSTINCT

    Billie Sue Mosiman

    Gold Rush Dream is the story of a young girl coming of age and overcoming personal tragedy as she makes a long, turbulent journey across the American territories. East Texas in 1849 is no place for the weak, as Rose finds out when marauding Indians destroy her family’s homestead. Rescued by Travis, a man who makes his living by trapping in the wild, together they will set out to find her only remaining family in California. As their travels turn into a quest to find not only family, but the wealth available to a few lucky souls during the Gold Rush, Rose and Travis will find that it takes all of their endurance and obsession to achieve their dreams. Ultimately, they will find that it is the love that grows between two people whose shared values of freedom, independence and honor are worth more than any nuggets of gold they might find when faced with the difficulties and dangers of life in the American West.
    About the Author
    Billie Sue Mosiman is the author of several award-nominated suspense novels. This is her first Western, which came about through her abiding interest in the California Gold Rush period of American history. The author lives in Texas near Old San Antonio Road, an historic road once used by Native Americans, that crosses Texas from east to west.

    Traveling the USA
    Billie Sue Mosiman

    Traveling the USA. A personal journal of traveling across the United States by an Award-winning author of novels and short stories. From California to Florida, Billie Sue Mosiman travels across America. The author writes about towns, highways, mountains, and plains. For the armchair or veteran traveler who loves to read about the out of the way places in his country. Truck stops, river walks, gorges, it's all here from a celebrated author on the road.

  39. Many of my books are going into e-book form on Kindle (and at B&N and Crossroad Press and Smashwords, etc.). You can read them on the Kindle ereader or download Kindle for the PC, Blackberry, IPad, Iphone, and Android. Here is a link to the store page for my books on the Kindle site.

  40. Wee Three: A Mother's Love in Verse is now available on, and It is short stories in verse as seen through a child's eye. Covering 70 years of memories it will take you on a magical trip where you will regain your childhood innocence and youthful dreams.

  41. Thanks, Rob.

    Dandy Dan McCracken is a rogue who loves makes a hero during the American Revolution.

  42. She remembered her first foal, the hopelessness and fear as it was torn from her side, a day later. She still felt regret for not teaching that first foal so early in life what it would need to survive, but that was many babies ago. Smarter now she knew the time would short to teach this one enough to survive before it was stripped from her side by the “men.” She would be drugged, tricked and forced to accept some other mare’s foal. And her milk would help that other small life to survive and grow strong.
    She didn’t understand why someone else’s foal was of more importance than hers. Nor did she understand how the other mare could want someone else to nurture her baby. This was not the way of the herd or the natural order of things. In nature there were times when a mare died and her foal was nursed by another mare, this was not the same. She had overheard the men calling her babies “junk foals,” as if they had no importance and couldn’t understand why humans could think this way, her babies were as beautiful and smart as the foals she nursed.
    from "The Nurse Mare's Foal" copywrited 2010 Marta Moran Bishop. The Nurse Mare's Foal is in final editing this is a bit from the first chapter.

  43. Here is part of a review by Fran Lewis of A Case of an Accidental Intersection.

    Fatal accidents often leave lasting impressions on the victims, families and witnesses. Scars can be physical and mental and permanent if not treated. Mitch Malone, reporter, came across such a fatality by accident. A truck driver critically and fatally hits two young girls and the end result was devastating. Told in the first person narrative, our reporter relates the events in a methodical, clear and vivid manner to the reader through the eyes of one older woman in her eighties, the driver of the truck and several other witnesses. But, was this a true accident or was this an act of foul play and one of our victims just got in the way?

    Dominique Pewter and Ashley Albanese were celebrating their college graduation. Dominique the sole child of Herman Steel Furniture Dynasty bought herself a new red corvette for a present. Not flashy, not a spend thrift and highly educated she and her best friend were out driving when fate played its own hand and they were hit by a cement truck. One fatality, one in a coma and one driver who swears he is innocent and cannot understand how Dominique's car came into his line of sight. Three years ago her parents were also killed in a fatal car crash. Were they victims of poor driving, or is there something sinister at play? Enter reporter Mitch Malone who witnessed the devastation caused by this accident and will stop at nothing to learn the truth behind what really happened to these two young girls. Many lives will be lost. Many secrets unfolded as author W.S. Gager's novel, A Case of An Accidental Intersection unfolds and our reporter relates the facts as he sees them, as they happen in his voice. Weigh the evidence, listen to the witnesses speak and decide for yourself: Accidental Death or Murder?
    Get into the backseat of the little red corvette and come along for that fatal ride and learn the facts for yourself, weigh the evidence, feel the pain, understand the fear and decide for yourself what really happened. The twists, turns, bends and forks come front and center as author W.S. Gager brings this story to a final halt, as the brakes finally work, the truths are told, the deceptions revealed and the dust from the road clears, as we learn the truth behind what really happened and why? The ending will surprise the reader and endear you to Mitch, Elsie, the Albanese's and the lone survivor. The mastermind behind the murders would astound you. Who can be trusted and who is an ally? Find out for yourself. The intersection is filled with our main characters and some supporting ones. To find out who makes it across the intersection to success, a brand new start, and whether justice is served you have to read the book for yourself you might stay stuck at this Accidental Intersection and you would not want that. Get the book: The Light is about to Turn Green. Author W.S. Gager's novel is really a first rate mystery and Mitch Malone is someone this reader and reviewer wants to see in other novels by this outstanding author.

  44. JUNGLE RULES. Voodoo,Spells,Murder, Juu-Juus, Caribbean oil and gas discovery, all mix together to bring the latest in Mike Pettit's Hot New Series, JOHN LOCKE SUSPENSE THRILLERS.
    Locke is caught in the middle, and comes out shooting.Leaves you gasping for more.
    Available on in paper back and e-book, Also, http://www.barnes&

  45. The first chapter of my WIP, URSA MAJOR, is posted here,

  46. From page 3 of Being Someone Else, fourth in the Sticks Hetrick mystery series:

    “ In the John?”

    “ Yep. Shot dead while sittin’ on the pot,” Aaron Brubaker said.

    Sticks Hetrick was just crawling into bed when he got the call. He was filling in for Brubaker who was down with the flu. Somehow, the dispatcher on duty hadn’t got the word and contacted the chief.

    “ Where’d it happen?”

    “ Out at Vinnie’s.”

    Hetrick grunted. Vinnie’s Bar was a dive out on the highway that should have been closed down long before. It was a blot on the community and its owner and his premises were no strangers to trouble.

  47. I am Peter Welmerink, writer of heroic fantasy, sword-n-sorcery, action-adventure, true grit fiction...including some soft sci-fi and military material. I have been pubbed in print and online over the last 10-15 years, and figured I'd try putting some material up at SMASHWORDS while waiting for the 2011 material that has been pikced up by publishers to rear their ye olde woodpulp heads.
    Link to a S-n-S sampler here:

  48. Good stuff, Rob! But the technology hasn't caught up with your brainstorm yet. Too bad we can't comment on each other's post because Marilyn Merideth's book sounds very intriguing!

  49. S.L. Schmitz -- I see no reason we can't comment on one another's comments here, and I myself have checked out a lot of blogs by clicking on the links left by folks here. You may want to go to Marilyn's comment and either click on her name or her photo to see where you can leave a message for her at another location -- her blog. I've been slapping up a blog here and there on my facebook to give others more "play" as well.

    Rob & Miranda

  50. Beth Hoffman the Author of NY Times BestSelling Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, just honoured me and Wee Three,with a place in her Brava section of her blog. The link is here if anyone is interested in viewing. She has a wondeful Blog too.

  51. By Apex Reviews (Durham, NC USA)

    This review is from: Wee Three: A Mother's Love in Verse (Paperback)
    Childhood is a precious time of wondrous discovery and untarnished innocence, and the memories that we take from it are often cherished for a lifetime. Throughout the pages of Wee Three, author Marta Moran Bishop takes the reader on a poetic trip back in time to the simpler, carefree years of our youth, when nothing was more important than chasing bumblebees or taking jovial walks through the snow.

    Consider, for example, the innocence captured in "Blowing Bubbles":

    "We blow and blow and never stop
    Until they're big enough to pop;
    And then we turn the pipe around
    And blow them with a guggly sound."

    Or the spirit of discovery conveyed in "At The Zoo":

    "When Pat and I went to the zoo
    We saw a mother kangaroo;
    She had a pocket in her skin
    To tuck her little babies in."

    Of course, naïveté only tells half of our collective childhood story, the other half - naturally - being the consequences of youthful impetuousness, as Bishop so eloquently captures in "Punished":

    "I didn't put my rubbers on
    And now my feet are wet
    I know I should have done it
    But I always do forget.

    So now I'm being punished,
    I can't go out to play
    I hope that I'll remember, 'cause
    I'm old enough they say."

    Covering the full spectrum of the childhood experience, Wee Three is an engaging, entertaining collection of verse. Kudos to Bishop for highlighting the essence of innocence in such fun-filled, comprehensive fashion.

    Wendy Paulson
    Apex Reviews

  52. I am truly excited to share the news that Wee Three, will soon be available in kindle, iphone, nook, ipad and all other ebook formats at or barnes&

  53. Marta -- this is great news! Congratulations!


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