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Saturday, May 28, 2011

What To Do with That Fantastic REVIEW?

REVIEWS - I wanna talk about reviews -- I have discussed earlier how I do not WAIT for reviews to come to me; something I learned even in traditioanl publishing, as you have to find reviewers and approach them. They are not trolling for any new books; you know why? They have a TBR stack larger than the room they are working out of, taller than your Aunt Jo Anne. They don't need another book coming through the door, and even if you do send it, very likely thier "slush" pile will never see the light of a review. DISMAL, I know and fewer and fewer people doing reviews hasn't helpd matters, and fewer still doing ebook reviews.

So what's a guy to do? I opened up my books to ANYONE willing to read and review -- calling all eReaders interested in getting the book not FREE entirely but meant for a tit-for-tat. Free or Gifted book for a review with no other stirngs attached, can be posted anywhere, preferably up at, and if not facebook, and maybe a single line on Twitter. But it should not END with the reviewer placing it here, there, everywhere; rather, it is now yours to do with what you need to do--part of the 'covenant' between you and the reviewer. You give the reviewer more limelight as you throw limelight on the review and your book.

I have gotten many a review in this manner, mostly via facebook. But then whataya do NOW ONCE YOU HAVE A REVIEW or three, what're you going to do with it?  Let it DIE on the VINE at its static location on or put it to work for you? Each time I get a new review, I consider that a huge opportunity for News Release, newsy posts here, there, everywhere to bring attention to the review and thus the book. If nothing else, entice folks at other sites to go to the review by putting up the review title and link.

I do not want my reviews to languish and die on the Amazon Vine.
How about you?

Rob Again Walker
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